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Founded in 2008, The OKC Youth Wrestling Foundation (OKCYWF) was created to fill the need for affordable extra-curricular activities for young boys, as well as opportunities for mentoring and discipleship in underprivileged areas of Oklahoma City.  The OKCYWF not only develops strong athletes, but the ultimate goal is to create a culture of sound character to create generational change.

More than 400 local at-risk youth have participated in the program since its inception in 2008. Although sound athletic principles are taught, the focus of the program is on the boys’ behavior and character development. Through the combined efforts of the wrestling team, mentoring program, and church partners, the boys, their siblings, and families find the support they need to succeed in challenging environments. - The program is free for qualified families. 

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Our Mission

To build relationships between    at-risk youth and caring role models in the Oklahoma City area through the sport of Wrestling.

To influence each child’s actions by teaching positive character traits.



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